April Newsletter

Happy Easter Break everyone

Hope you’re all having a nice 2 weeks and enjoying lots of fun with the children that comes at this time of year!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Easter Bonnet Parade, it was such a lovely event- so many amazing bonnets and the children all really enjoyed it.

The Bunny Hunt is going well, thank you to all those who donated Chocs and have hunted the bunnies already! We still have a week to go and next week looks like nice weather (occasionally!) … it’s an easy thing to fit in between the rain showers anyway and the cafe there is so lovely too!

Preschool is Open for the Summer Term on Monday April 16th- see you then…

Sunday April 22nd: Will be the annual Preschool garden tidy. Please do come along from 10.30am, bring a picnic and we’ll get the garden spruced up and ready for the term.
Speak with Lisa Bills if you want to be prepared for a specific job, if not, lists will be going out the week before with suggested equipment to bring to help out. All Children welcome (there is plenty for them to play with and help too!)
Tables are selling FAST! Please book now with Sophie Kirk. Tables of 8 or individual / small groups tickets available- It’s always a great night!!
June 9th 7.30pm

For the first time ever, Nutley Preschool have invited Travelling Trends to come in and host a Fashion Show at the hall (Just for Women!). There will be a catwalk, models and tons of Brand New Clothes, accessories etc to purchase at 30-80% off retail price (oh yes please!!!)
Cash Bar and Nibbles too of course!
Tickets will be available soon – ALL women welcome –
Get the Date In your Diary! 

Summer Term: Starts Monday April 16th
Easter Bunny Hunt at Duddleswell Garden Center March 30th – April 15th.
Open Day: Tuesday April 24th 8.45am
Primary School Jumble Sale: Sat April 28th (School Hall)
Quiz Night: Saturday May 5th 7.30pm – Late
Bank Holiday Monday: May 7th (closed)
Summer Half Term: May 28th – June 1st
Fashion Show: Saturday June 9th 7.30pm
Nutley Village Fete: Saturday June 30th
Sports Day: Friday July 13th (Afternoon)
Last Day of Term: Wednesday July 18th
Graduation Picnic: Thursday July 19th. (No normal preschool session)
Preschool get through a lot of things each week, and if anyone has any of the following going spare or able to donate, please drop them into Preschool when you can – thanks In advance!
  • Jelly
  • Paper
  • Shaving Foam
  • Cling Film
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Newspapers
The following can be out of date- perfect for clearing out the cupboards!
  • Flour
  • Cornflour
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Cream of Tartar
  • Pasta
  • Rice
Who Do I Call?
If your child is off sick, running late or you’d like to add an ad-hoc day, please call Preschool on 07535 6550135 during opening hours.
If it’s out of hours, you can contact Ali on chair@nutleypreschool.org.uk, through Facebook or on 07917 011058. You can also message our Preschool Facebook page (Zahra or Ali will reply).
Non-urgent messages can also be emailed to Zahra on Manager@nutleypreschool.org.uk
Always Happy To Help!
Please pop along on Tuesday April 24th, 8.45-10am for some tea, coffee, breakfast – and of course to see the Little Deers in action!
Bring family and friends, spread the word!
How is your Going Green going?
Please do try and skip single use plastic in your children’s lunchboxes- we are all making that extra special effort to take care of the environment for the future generations. Tupperware is more cost effective for you and better for our environment too as it’s used so many times over. Did you know foil can be recycled if you’d rather ‘wrap’ food!
Applications for the SEPTEMBER 30 hours eligibility are now open. Please visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk to review your options. Applications MUST be completed before August 31st for use in the Autumn Term. (Note, their website and review process is very busy over July/Aug, so do it now!)
Changing weather… well maybe, hopefully…
Summer is going to come eventually, right?! 
Please be prepared for all weather at the moment- wellies, change of clothes and very soon sun hats, sun cream etc.
Remember to name label everything please!
Session availability
Please note, some sessions are getting very close to full now. If you need to change your child’s sessions please speak with Zahra ASAP.
Please note, this also means some Ad-Hoc sessions unfortunately cannot be granted. We will of course help if we can, but if the session is already full, we will not have the sufficient staff to accept any more children that day. Please try and book in advance for all Ad-Hoc or session changes.
Information Board
Please do take time to view the Parents Board available daily at Preschool.
You’ll find all our policies, staff details, committee details etc. for your perusal.
Key Contacts:

Preschool: 07535 655013

Facebook: Nutley Pre-School Playgroup

Zahra Crane: Manager@nutleypreschool.org.uk
Jess Blue-Bishop (Deputy Manager and SENCO)
Ali Mason chair@nutleypreschool.org.uk
Neil Lovett (Treasurer) neil.lovett@yahoo.co.uk