February 2018 Newsletter

This might be a short month, but there is plenty to take note of still, please do read on for all the important bits and bobs.

A huge thank you to ALL our Little Deers families for everything you do to make our preschool a fabulous place to be- We’re in it together and together we make wonderful things happen!

As you’ll have no doubt seen in the news and on social media, the war against single use plastic is fully on.
At Preschool, we would like to now recommend that lunchboxes do not contain clingfilm, single use plastic bottles, straws or plastic sandwich bags- Please try and use re-usable Tupperware, recyclable foil, or alternatives where possible.
If we can ALL make this small change, it will show our children too that products such as clingfilm, bags and single use straws have no place in our environment anymore.
There is a ton of information online about this movement, so I’m sure you’ll all be aware by now anyway.
(Note, this is not a new policy or rule, but a recommendation- although we hope everyone will be able to make this simple switch!)
There will be more information on “going green” over the term… we can all learn together!

Save the Date ALERT!
Saturday May 5th 7.30pm -11pm will be …. QUIZ NIGHT!
Start gathering friends to make up a table of 8 and see who will WIN this year!

Half Term is coming up- please note Preschool will NOT be open the week of Feb 12th.

Invoices have been sent via email (On Saturday Jan 27th) Everyone will have received one, even if you have fully funded hours as there is still the voluntary snack fee contribution should you wish to contribute to preschool. If you have any questions, concerns or did not see you invoice yet, speak to me and I’ll print one out.
HUGE thanks to all those who have already paid, or are just about to do so.

Reminder: Please name label all your child’s items! Wellies, Water Bottles, Lunchboxes, Coats, etc.

2018 Term Dates:
Half Term: Closed Feb 10th – 18th.
Easter Break: Closed March 30th – April 15th
Bank Holiday: Closed May 7th
Summer Half Term: Closed May 26th- June 3rd

Staff contacts:
Zahra Crane, Manager
Jess Blue-Bishop, Dpty Mgr and SENCO lead
07535 655013

Ali Mason, Chair
07917 011058
Neil Lovett, Treasurer