Welcome to Little Deers Preschool

We have been running for over 30 years and provide an exciting and stimulating environment for our Little Deers, surrounded by our beautiful Ashdown Forest. 

Our location

Situated at the centre of the village in the Nutley War Memorial Hall, we believe in providing a safe and supportive setting that allows children to take their first learning steps through meaningful play. 

Our day

We are open 30 hours per week (term time only) for children from 2-5 years old and gladly accept funded hours. We start with a smile at 9am with sessions until 12pm, 1pm or through until 3pm. 

Our commitment

We believe in child-led learning being the most effective early years experience. Each session is filled with Free-Play to enable each child to learn in a way that interests and engages them.

Meet our Team

Our Preschool is a Committee Run Preschool. However, we do encourage all parents to get involved as much as they wish, whether on the committee or not, everyone can help and rest assured we are very welcoming and full of fun! We thrive on becoming part of your extended family, sharing knowledge and celebrating the children’s achievements with you.  Being part of our very special preschool is often a long term pleasure for many of our dedicated parents and carers. CLICK HERE TO MEET OUR COMMITTEE MEMBERS >

Our Mission

Our goal is to present learning opportunities in a stimulating, diverse and fun way. Your children will be given every opportunity to safely explore the world around them, and will be nurtured in a stimulating environment that is supportive, sensitive and most importantly… FUN!

We aim to prepare all children socially and academically for Reception Class. Inclusive for all levels of learning abilities. 

We get to know each child as an individual. We meet and exceed all safeguarding and Ofsted requirements.

We support the Forest School Learning Initiative. We take full advantage of the extensive and secure forest surrounding Nutley, going on nature walks to collect conkers, walks to investigate pond life and feed the sheep and horses. We’ve even explored the woodland for dinosaurs!


Our day...

We have a rolling drop off period between 08:45 am and 09:15 am, and the Little Deers get all settled in for the day. Welcome time is a special hello to each child and a little cuddle with their quiet critters, handmade with love. Free play kicks off, followed by a focus activity, and of course some outdoor fun in our beautiful garden or a walk on the Ashdown Forest!

The toys on offer include construction, small world, role play, puzzles to name a few. The focus activity can be anything from baking to dancing, to creative activities or reading a story in a tent.

Snack time is held between 10:15 – 10:45am where the children are then offered milk or water, and are given the choice of several fruits, vegetables, dips and a savoury option. Lunchtime is at 12:00 – 1:00pm and they can choose a place to sit and can help a member of the staff team to give out the lunchboxes. The 1:00 pm – 3:00pm session includes free play, garden time or forest walks, and of course a little bit of quiet time and a story.

Learning through play and our environment are very important to us at Little Deers. Trips to forest are top of our list! We love to go put on our wellies and go exploring with our little back packs. The children are fantastic at spotting interesting bugs and beasties.

Part of our ethos at Little Deers is to enable the children to be creative in their learning. Playing and learning go hand in hand. Each day is packed full of everything from construction toys, arts and crafts to role play.

Music and dancing are very much part of our day. We have a wide range of instruments and often make our own which the children love.

Music Bus (see HERE for more details) runs every other Tuesday morning for 30-40 minutes at preschool. All children are invited to attend who are at preschool on Tuesday mornings, we will only ask for a voluntary contribution to the overall cost.

We have an excellent outdoor space which we use at ever opportunity along with our lovely cabin which houses plenty of toys and activity boxes. We celebrate sports day ever summer and invite all our parents and carers to come along to cheer and of course take part too! Its a fabulously fun day!

Tiny Tekkers (see HERE for more details) runs every other Thursday morning for 1 hour. All children are invited to attend who are at preschool on Thursday mornings, we will only ask for a voluntary contribution to the overall cost.

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